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Allium Millenium
2018 Perennial Plant of the Year
Allium - Millenium

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- A -
Bear's Breeches
A. mollis - Big, bold plant with huge, shiny, deeply lobed, decorative leaves. Tall flowers on spikes are white with purple calyces July-Sept. 5 ft. Sun to part shade.
Easy to grow perennial. Airy dissected foliage. Drought resistant. Flowers good for fresh cut or drying. Sun.
  A. 'Moonshine' - Attractive silver foliage. Bright yellow flowers June-Sept. 2 ft.
  A. millefolium 'Little Moonshine' - Bright golden-yellow flower clusters on gray-green foliage. 12 in.
  A. millefolium 'New Vintage' - Clusters of flowers with light eyes. Holds shape and reflowers nicely. 12-14 in.
'New Vintage Red' - Deep red flower clusters.
'New Vintage Rose' - Rose flower clusters.
'New Vintage Violet' - Purple flower clusters.
  A. millefolium 'Paprika' - Red flowers June-Sept. 2-3 ft.
  A. millefolium 'Red Velvet' - Long lasting, non-fading, dark rosy red flowers June-Sept. 30 in.
  A. millefolium 'Sassy Summer Sangria' - Dark red flowers with a white eye. Tall variety. 30 in.
  A. millefolium 'Summer Berries' - Multi-colored mix of reds, pinks, apricot and white. Blooms June-July. 24-28 in.
Sweet Flag
A. gramineus 'Oborozuki' - Striped, grass-like, golden and olive green foliage. Prefers moist shady locations. 6-12 in.
Upright plant with aromatic foliage. Showy, tubular flowers June-Sept. Deer resistant. Sun to part shade.
  A. 'Arizona' - Very floriferous. Compact plant. Drought tolerant when established. 8-10 in.
'Arizona Sandstone' - Orange red flowers.
'Arizona Sun' - Bright yellow flowers.
'Arizona Sunset' - Peach flowers mature to lavender pink.
  A. 'Blue Fortune' - Rich lavender blue flowers. Low maintenance. 2-3 ft.
  A. 'Bolero' - Brilliant rose-purple blooms with purple calyxes. Well-branched. 16 in.
  A. 'Kudos' - Long lasting, free flowering, glowing plumes. Sweet honey-mint scent. 17 in.
'Kudos Coral' - Coral flowers.
'Kudos Mandarin' - Orange flowers.
'Kudos Red' - Red flowers.
'Kudos Silver Blue' - Magenta flowers.
A. 'Purple Haze' - Cool violet-blue flowers last into fall. 3 ft.
  A. 'Tutti Frutti' - Lavender pink flowers. 2 ft.
  A. aurantiaca 'Tango' - Brilliant, fiery orange flowers on sturdy spikes. Gray green foliage. Richly branched. 14 in.
Semi-evergreen ground cover spreads by runners. Decorative foliage and colorful spring flowers from May-June. Fills in rapidly. 4 in. Good in sun or shade location.
  A. reptans 'Black Scallop' - Very dark, blackish purple, glossy, scalloped foliage. Deep blue flowers.
  A. reptans 'Bronze Beauty' - Bronze foliage turns deep purple in full sun. Blue flowers.
  A. reptans 'Burgundy Glow' - Variegated creamy white, green and maroon foliage. Violet blue flowers.
  A. reptans 'Chocolate Chip' - Dwarf plant with glossy deep maroon foliage. Violet blue flowers. Good for rock gardens.
  A. reptans 'Mahogany' - Deep, rich mahogany leaves. Blue flowers.
Tall plants with spikes of brightly colored blossoms June-Sept. Good for background. Likes lots of sun and fertile soil. Susceptible to rust. Sun.
  A. ficifolia 'Single Mixture' - True perennial. Large single flowers. Mixed colors. 6 ft.
  A. rosea 'Chater's Red' - Large, double, deep red blossoms on tall plants. 6 ft.
  A. rosea 'Queeny Purple' - Easy to grow with double flowers. Short for a Hollyhock. Purple flowers. 4 ft.
  A. Rosea-Hybr. Spotlight Series - Popular, old-fashioned perennial. Large single blossoms on tall plants. 6 ft.
'Blacknight' - Dark black purple flowers.
'Mars Magic' - Red flowers.
'Sunshine' - Light yellow flowers.
Lady's Mantle
A. mollis 'Thriller' - Hardy plant with large, gray green foliage. Airy yellow flower clusters in June-July. 12-18 in. Sun to part shade.
Ornamental Onion
A. 'Millenium' - 2018 Perennial Plant of the Year
Large 2 in. bright, rosey-purple tightly rounded clusters of flowers on strong stems. 18 in. Full to part sun.
Peruvian Lily
A. 'Dandy Candy' - Easy to grow compact plant with vibrant blooms. Excellent in containers and beds. Shades of red, rose and white with pink bloom all summer. 10-16 in. Sun to part shade.
ALYSSUM Spreading, easy to grow, winter-hardy perennial. Evergreen foliage. Flowers in Spring.
A. wolfenianum 'Golden Spring' - Yellow flowers. 6-8 in.
Gossamer Grass
A. 'Sirocco' - Mounding blades of grass turn copper and pink in cool temperatures. 12-24 in. Sun.
Japanese anemones are large plants that give a showy floral display of 3" flowers in late summer and fall. Best in fertile soil. Shade to part shade.
  A. hupehensis 'September Charm' - Bright purple pink, single blooms. 2-3 ft.
  A. x hybrida 'Honorine Jobert' - White, single blooms. 3-4 ft.
  A. x hybrida 'Pamina' - Bright rosy purple pink, semi-double blooms. 3 ft.
  A. x hybrida 'Wild Swan' - Pure white blooms are lavender blue on the backs of the outer petals. Clumping. 18 in.
  A. x hybridus Fantasy 'Pocohontas' - Double, rose pink flowers on compact, heavily blooming plants. 12-18 in.
Large, bright flowers on long stems April-May. Attractive fern-like foliage. Likes good drainage. Part shade.
  A. coronaria 'Harmony' - Border plant native to forest and woodland settings. 2 ft.
  A. coronaria 'Harmony Double Mix' - Compact plants are topped with unique double flowers. Lots of color. 10"
Hardy perennial well suited to the Pacific Northwest. Unique spurred flowers April. Needs well drained soil. Good border plant for part shade.
A. caerulea 'Kirigami' - Blue and White, Red and White, Rose and White, Yellow. Large flowers. 1-2 ft.
'Kirigami' Deep Blue and White
'Kirigami' Rose and Pink
'Kirigami' Red and White
'Kirigami' Yellow
'Kirigami' Mix
  A. caerulea 'Origami' - Vigorous plant with large flowers with long spurs. 2-3 ft.
'Origami Blue and White'
'Origami Red and White'
'Origami Rose and White'
'Origami Yellow'
'Origami Mix'
  A. vulgaris 'Clementine Mix' - Upright facing, spurless flowers resemble double clematis blossoms. Great cut flower. 18 in.
A. blepharophylla 'Rose Delight' - Low plant suitable for borders and rock gardens. Brilliant rose blooms April-May. 6 in. Sun to part shade.
Hardy low-growing evergreen perennial groundcover. Flowers bloom in spring followed by red berries in the fall
  A. uva ursi 'Massachusetts' - Clusters of pale pink 2-inch bell-shaped flowers. Autumn foliage is red-gold. 6-12 in.

A. uva ursi 'Vancouver Jade' - Plants form a dense mat of glossy evergreen leaves. Light pink flowers. 6 in.
A. montana - Hardy, easy to grow perennial. Good border plant, prolific bloomer. White flowers April-June. 6 in. Sun to part shade.
Sea Thrift
Flowers are held above a grass-like clump of foliage April-July. Great rock garden plant. Sun to part shade.
  A. 'Morning Star' - Deep green foliage. 4 in.
'Morning Star Rose' - Rose pink flowers.
'Morning Star White' - White flowers.
  A. 'Nifty Thrifty' - Unique Armeria with green foliage edged in cream yellow. Rose pink flowers. 4 in.
  A. pseudarmeria 'Ballerina' - Vibrant flowers on sturdy stems. Green foliage. Fleuroselect Novelty. 8-10 in.
'Ballerina Red' - Lilac red flowers.
'Ballerina Mix' - Mixed colors of red, lilac and white.
  A. pseudarmeria 'Dreameria Dreamland' - Dark salmon flowers. 10 in.
  A. pseudarmeria 'Dreameria Dream Weaver' - Deep rose pink flowers. 10 in.
  A. pseudarmeria 'Dreameria Sweet Dreams' - Lavender-mauve flowers. 10 in.
  A. pseudarmeria 'Dreameria Sweet Dreams' - Lavender-mauve flowers on sturdy stems. 10 in.
Hardy perennials favored for their silver foliage and sun and drought tolerance. Yellow flowers July. Sun to part shade.
  A. 'Powis Castle' - Hardy shrub-like plant with fine evergreen foliage. 30-36 in.
A. dioicus (sylvestris) - Hardy woodland perennial. Showy plumes of tiny, cream-colored flowers April-June. 4-6 ft. Part shade.
Butterfly Weed
A. tuberosa 'Gay Butterflies' - Mix of yellow, orange and red flowers June-Aug. Drought resistant. 28 in. Sun.
ASTER Many species available. Most bloom in summer and fall and make excellent cut flowers. Good bee plant. Plant in good well drained soil. Sun.
  A. x frikartii 'Monch' - Lavender blue blooms June-Oct. Excellent cut flowers. 2-3 ft.
  A. x 'Wood's' - Compact plant. Flowers Aug-Oct. Disease and rust resistant. 12-18 in.
'Wood's Pink' - Clear pink blooms.
'Wood's Purple' - Clear purple blooms.

More Aster in the Annual and Premium Plant sections.
False Spiraea
Good perennial for shade. Leaves and flowers grow on stems from rhizomes. Plants are not drought tolerant and should be planted in a moist location. Small flowers are massed on stems to give a striking display. Shade.
  A. arendsii 'Showstar Mix' - Dark green, glossy, ferny leaves. Upright spikes in shades of red, pink and white. 12 in.
  A. chinensis 'Visions' - Vigorous grower that is more drought and sun tolerant than other varieties. Flower sprays April-May. 20-24 in.
'Visions' - Purple flower sprays.
'Visions in Red' - Red flower sprays.
'Visions in White' - Pure white flower sprays.
Rock Cress
A. 'Audrey Blue Shades' - Large, deep blue flowers bloom on a low mat-forming perennial. Deer resistant. 3-6 in. Sun.
  A. 'Axcent' - Wonderful border plant for sun. Prolific bloomer April-May. Makes a dense cascading carpet. Flowers over a long period. More disease and heat tolerant than other varieties. 6-8 in. Sun.
'Axcent Dark Red'
'Axcent Deep Purple'
'Axcent Light Blue'
'Axcent Violet w/ Eye'

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- B -

English Daisy
Low growing. Daisy-like flowers bloom continuously March-July. Not tolerant of summer heat. 4 in. Sun to part shade.
  B. perennis 'Bellissima' - Lovely double daisy flowers.
'Bellissima Red'
'Bellissima Rose Bi-color'
'Bellissima White'
'Bellissima Mix'
B. cordifolia 'Winterglow' - Large foliage turns showy red in fall and winter. Rosy red flowers May-July. 18 in. Sun to part shade.
Long lived mounding perennial with large heart shaped leaves and many small Forget-Me-Not like flowers April. 15 in. Prefers semi-shade.
  B. macrophylla 'Alexander's Great' - Heavily silvered and heart-shaped leaves form a gigantic mound. 15 in.
  B. macrophylla - Large forest green leaves. Blue flowers.
  B. macrophylla 'Jack Frost' - 2012 Perennial Plant of the Year - Frosty silver foliage with light green veins and edging. Blue flowers.

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- C -

Reed Grass
C. x acutiflora 'Karl Foerster' - 2001 Perennial Plant of the Year - Long blooming, low maintenance, long lived perennial. Makes a dramatic vertical accent that moves gracefully in the breeze. Works well as a specimen, screen or container plant. Grows best in well drained fertile soil with sufficient moisture. Brown inflorescence from June-Dec. 6 ft. Sun to part shade.
Z. rehmannii x - Striking plants. Very floriferous. Magnificient when planted in mass or as a focal point. Great cut flowers. Blooms July-Sept. Sun.

Ivory Art - White
Mercedes - Orange
New York - Hot Pink
Novi Sun - Yellow
Odessa - Black
Paco - Purple
Red Charm - Red
The genus includes a large assortment of biennial and perennial species ranging from low rock garden to background plants. All are prized for their attractive bell-shaped flowers. Well suited for the Pacific Northwest. Sun to part shade.
  C. garganica 'Dickson's Gold' - Small semi-evergreen plant for partial shade. Golden, heart-shaped foliage. Blue flowers June-Aug. 6 in.
  C. glomerata 'Superba' - Deep violet flowers June-Aug. 20 in.
  C. medium - Canterbury Bells - Bushy, self-sowing biennial with large bells June-July. 2-3 ft.
'Medium Blue' - True blue blooms.
'Medium Pink' - Pink blooms.
  C. portenschlagiana - Adriatic Bellflower - Low spreading rock garden plant with glossy foliage. Likes some shade. Deep blue flowers May-Oct. 4 in.
  C. poscharskyana - Vigorous, sprawling ground cover with large flowers in clusters on long stems. Lavender blue flowers June-Oct. 9 in.
Triangular, grass-like stems with sharp edges. Makes a great accent in perennial border. Most prefer moist soils. Sun to part shade.
  C. 'Phoenix Green' - Sturdy, upright grass with bright green leaves. Low maintenance. Heat tolerant. 11 in.
C. oshimensis 'Everest' - Dense, fine-textured, weeping foliage. Glossy, dark leaves with a broad white stripe. 10-14 in.
  C. oshimensis 'Evergold' - Variegated, striped, dark green and creamy gold, weeping foliage. 10-14 in.
  C. tenuiculmis 'Cappuccino' - Warm brown foliage turns coppery in summer. Dramatic fall color. 1 ft.
  C. testacea 'Prairie Fire' - Orange Sedge - Attractive greenish bronze foliage is tipped with reddish orange. 12-18 in.
C. 'Dark Knight' - Deciduous, shrub-like plant. Silvery green foliage. Sky blue flowers June-Sept. 30 in. Sun.
  C. 'Worcester Gold' - Deciduous shrub-like plant. Gold green foliage. Sky blue flowers. June-Sept. 30 in. Sun
Cupid's Dart
C. caerulea - Easy to grow plant makes good cut or dried flower. Light blue flowers in June-Sept. 18-24 in. Sun.
Jupiter's Beard
C. ruber 'Coccineus' - Crimson flower clusters on tall plants that will naturalize. Good cut flower. Long bloom time June-Oct. 3 ft. Sun to part shade.
Snow in Summer
C. tomentosum - Silvery foliage is covered by small white flowers April-June. Vigorous cascading habit. 4 in. Sun.
C. plumbaginoides - Deciduous low perennial with rounded matte green leaves that redden in the fall. Small brilliant blue flowers July-Sept. 1 ft. Sun.
Rock Rose
C. x purpureus - Large shrub-like plant has cheery, single, rose blossoms with dark spots in the center June-July. 4 ft. Sun.
Fast growing, prolific bloomers for sunny borders. C. grandiflora varieties have dense foliage and prominent blooms. C. verticillata varieties are more open with thread-leaf, lacy foliage. Sun.
  C. 'Cosmic Eye' - Compact, well-branched, continuous bloomer. Yellow blooms have a dominant red eye. 12-18 in.
  C. 'Leading Lady Sophia' - Fluted yellow petals with orange yellow centers. Big blooms. Mildew resistant. 10-12 in.
  C. 'Star Cluster' - Prolific. Creamy white flowers with golden centers and purple marking in cool weather. 8-24 in.
  C. auriculata forma nana 'Elfin Gold' - Compact. Cheery, yellow orange flowers. Suitable for rock gardens. 10 in.
C. grandiflora 'Double the Sun' - Semi-double, clear golden yellow flowers. 10-12 in.
  C. grandiflora 'Early Sunrise' - Golden double flowers. Dense foliage. 18 in.
  C. grandiflora 'Route 66' - Yellow, daisy-like flowers with bleeding, deep maroon eyes. Thread-leaf foliage. 28 in.
  C. grandiflora 'Sun Up' - Bright clear yellow, semi-double flowers are the first Coreopsis to bloom. May-Aug. 10-12 in.
  C. grandiflora 'Sunfire' - Golden yellow petals have a fiery burgundy red base. Single flowers. Compact plant. 18 in.
  C. grandiflora 'SunKiss' - Huge 3 inch wide golden yellow flowers with burgundy red centers. 12-14 in.
  C. hybrida 'Uptick Cream and Red' - Large flower of buttery-cream with an eye of dark red. 12-14 in.
  C. hybrida 'Uptick Gold and Bronze' - Very large bi-colored flower with a deep-red eye framed in gold. 12-14 in.
  C. hybrida 'Uptick Yellow and Red' - Jumbo flowers with a dark red eye surrounded by a halo of yellow. 12-14 in.
  C. pubescens 'Sunshine Superman' - Low growing plant with medium-sized, golden yellow blooms. 10 in.
  C. verticillata 'Cruizin' Broad Street' - Red blossoms with orange overtones. Compact, thread-leaf foliage. 15-18 in.
  C. verticillata 'Cruizin' Main Street' - Ruby red blossoms. Mounding, thread-leaf foliage. 15-18 in.
  C. verticillata 'Moonbeam' - 1992 Perennial Plant of the Year - Very popular plant with showy summer flower display of 1 in. sunny yellow, daisy-like flowers. Lacy foliage. 18 in.
Pampas Grass
Large, coarse, clumping grass with very tall showy plumes in Aug-Sept. 8 ft. Sun.
  C. selloana 'Rosea' - Dusky mauve plumes.
  C. selloana 'White' - Showy white plumes.
CORYDALIS Lacy fern-like foliage. Loose flower clusters April-Sept. Best in cool, moist, well-drained locations. Shade to part shade.
  C. 'Blackberry Wine' - Fragrant purple flowers June-Sept. Slightly silver, ferny foliage. Cascading. Zone 5-9. 10 in.
  C. curviflora var. rosthornii 'Blue Heron' - Fragrant intense sapphire-blue flowers over blue-grey foliage. 8 in.
  C. flexuosa 'Purple Leaf' - Deep blue flowers over lacy purple foliage. 12-15 in.
C. astrosanguineus - Chocolate Cosmos - Perennial with deeply lobed, rich green foliage. Unique dark maroon flowers have a sweet scent of chocolate July-Sept. 2 ft.

More Cosmos in the Annual section.
C. dammeri - Prostrate ground cover with small glossy foliage. Small white flowers along stems in June. Bright red berries from fall through winter. Hardy, fast growing evergreen shrub. 4 in. Sun to part shade.
Vibrant, tubular blossoms attract hummingbirds. Narrow, bladed foliage similar to gladiolis. Easy to grow. Sun.
C. 'Adriana' - Fountain of bloom with lovely arching stems of tangerine flowers with a deeper flash in the center. 3 ft.
  C. 'Diablito' - Gorgeous, vivid red flowers with a more compact growing habit than other varieties. 24-30 in.
  C. 'Gold Rush' - Large flowers of rich solid gold with a hint of bronze at the throat. 2-3 ft.
  C. 'Happy Anniversary' - Long plums of upright, deep scarlet flowers with a rich yellow star at the center of each. 2-3 ft.
  C. x crocosmiiflora 'George Davidson' - Sprays of yellow orange, 3" flowers June-Aug. 2-3 ft.
  C. masoniorum 'Lucifer' - Easy to grow perennial with arching, dark red orange flower clusters on stiff stems July-Aug. Good cut flower. Great in hot locations. 3-4 ft. Sun.

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- D -

Ice Plant
Succulent, spreading plant with fleshy, rounded leaves and daisy-like flowers. Good for borders and banks. Sun.
  D. 'Jewel of Desert' - Large, daisy-like flowers. 4-6 in.
D. 'Jewel of Desert Amethyst' - Amazingly bright pink/purple flowers with white eye. 4-6 in
'Jewel of Desert Garnet' - Large, pink flowers have white halos and showy garnet tips.
D. 'Jewel of Desert Grenade' - Large, vibrant, fiery-red and magenta flowers with a white eye. 4-6 in.
'Jewel of Desert Moonstone' - Bright white flowers with yellow centers.
D. 'Jewel of Desert Opal' - Large, vivid flowers of solid lavender-pink petals with a soft white center. 4-6 in.
'Jewel of Desert Peridot' - Electric yellow flowers with white halos.
'Jewel of Desert Topaz' - Bright golden yellow flowers with white eyes.
  D. dyeri 'Red Mountain Flame' - Showy, bright pinkish red flowers have crisp white centers June-Oct. 2-4 in.
  D. floribundum 'Starburst' - Showy, bright orchid pink flowers with crisp white centers June-Oct. 4 in.
  D. sutherlandii - Lavender pink flowers June-Sept. Not reliably hardy in this area. 4 in.
Reliable perennial grown for its showy flower spikes. All varieties make good cut flowers and bloom in early summer. Likes rich soil, full sun.
  D. 'Magic Fountains' - Similar flower type and range of colors as Pacific Giants on shorter plants that reach 3 ft.
'Magic Fountains Cherry Blossom'
'Magic Fountains Dark Blue with Dark Bee'
'Magic Fountains Dark Blue with White Bee'
'Magic Fountains Lavender'
'Magic Fountains White with Dark Bee'
'Magic Fountains Mix'
  D. chinensis 'Diamonds Blue' - Spurless, cerulean blue flowers face up. Blooms April-June. 16-24 in.
  D. elatum 'Pacific Giants Mix' - Tall plants with dense spikes of semi-double flowers. Plants can reach 5 ft. and often need staking.
Hair Grass
D. cespitosa 'Pixie Fountain' - Clumping. Silver green flowers followed by golden brown spikes. 2 ft. Sun to part shade.
Large genus with many valuable cultivars for this region. All favor sunny locations with average soil and good drainage. All have fragrant blooms. Sun.
  D. 'Everlast Burgundy Blush' - Spectacular double burgundy-red flowers with a soft pink edge. 8-12 in.
  D. 'Everlast Dark Pink' - Ruffled raspberry-pink double blossoms rise on slender stems. 8-12 in.
  D. 'Everlast Lilac + Eye' - Gorgeous light lilac double flowers with dark burgundy centers. 8-12 in.
  D. 'Everlast Light Pink + Eye' - Striking single blossoms with light pink petals and a rose-pink center. 8-12 in.
  D. 'Everlast Raspberry Cream' - Single deep red flowers with a pink edge. Dark buds. 8-12 in.
  D. 'Everlast Red Pink' - Vibrant pink double blossoms with rich, burgundy-red tips. 8-12 in.
  D. 'Everlast White + Eye' - White double flowers featuring a lilac-pink eye and fringed edges. 8-12 in.
  D. 'Firewitch' - 2006 Perennial Plant of the Year - Compact spreading plant with silvery blue foliage. Hot rose pink flowers June-Sept. 6 in.
  D. 'Frostfire' - Compact, spreading plant with silvery blue foliage. Magenta flowers June-Sept. 6 in.
  D. 'Jolt Cherry' - Bright cherry-red blooms that are ruffled on the edge. Mounding, upright habit. Heat tolerant. 16-20 in.
  D. 'Jolt Pink' - Rose and pink blooms with a fringe. Mounding, upright habit. Heat tolerant. 16-20 in.
  D. barbatus 'Barbarini Mix' - Dwarf Sweet William - Fragrant mix in shades of red, rose, lavender and purple. 6-8 in.
  D. deltoides 'Flashing Light' - Small-leafed matting plant with dark foliage and numerous small blooms. Ruby red flowers June-Sept. 6 in.
  D. gratianopolitanus 'Bath's Pink' - Adaptable, hardy plant. Profuse bloomer. Soft pink flowers with deep maroon ring June-Sept. 10 in.
  D. gratianopolitanus 'Tiny Rubies' - Hardy, low, dense mat of blue green foliage. Excellent for rock gardens. Dainty, double, pink flowers May-July. 3 in.
Bleeding Heart
Hardy perennial with open fern-like foliage. Deer resistant. Likes rich soil. Shade to part shade.
  D. 'King of Hearts' - Gray green leaves. Rose red flowers with a long blooming period April-Aug. 8-10 in.
  D. 'Valentine' - Deep red, heart-shaped flowers May-June over fern-like, gray green leaves. Burgundy stems. 26 in.
  D. spectabilis - Gray green leaves and unique heart shaped pink and white flowers in March. By mid-summer the plant will turn yellow and die back. 30 in.
  D. spectabilis 'White' - The same characteristics as the above with pure white flowers in March. 30 in.
DIGIPLEXIS Striking inter-generic hybrid from Digitalis and Isoplexis. Vigorous. Big, multi-colored blooms April-Sept. Zones 8-11. 3 ft. Sun.
  D. 'Berry Canary' - Spikes of dense, hot pink flowers with creamy yellow, burgundy speckled throats. 2 ft.
Biennial. Large leaves. Tall, erect, flower spikes on stout stems May-July. Self-sowing early bloomer. 3-4 ft. Part shade.
  D. 'Foxlight' - Tubular flowers face outward on sturdy stalks. Great cut flower. 2 ft.
D. 'Foxlight Plum Gold' - Plum flowers with golden centers.
D. 'Foxlight Rose Ivory' - Rose flowers with light golden centers face outward on sturdy stalks. Great cut flower. 2 ft.
D. 'Foxlight Ruby Glow' - Rosy red flowers with apricot centers.
  D. purpurea 'Dalmatian' - Sturdy spikes of large, tubular flowers with spotted throats. 18-20 in.
'Dalmatian Peach'
'Dalmatian Purple'
'Dalmatian Rose'
'Dalmatian Mix' - Mix of colors.

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- E -

ECHIBECKIA E. 'Summerina Orange' - Cross between Rudbeckia and Echinacea. Huge, 3" orange blossoms July-Sept. 20-24 in. Sun.
Erect growing, sparsely branched plant with large deep green leaves. Flowers have prominent centers on tall stiff stems. Great for cutting. Sun to part shade.
  E. 'Butterfly Rainbow Marcella' - Masses of orange and pink, bi-colored blooms. Compact. Deep green foliage. 18-24 in.
  E. 'Cheyenne Spirit' - Delightful mix of red, pink, orange, purple, yellow, cream and white. Drought tolerant. 2 ft.
  E. 'Double Scoop' - Double layered petals on tall stems rise above clean foliage. 18-20 in.
'Double Scoop Orangeberry' - Hot orange and red bi-colored blooms.
E. 'Double Scoop Raspberry' - Vibrant, raspberry rose blooms.
  E. 'Sombrero' - Well-branched, compact plants that flower prolifically in the first year. 2 ft.
'Sombrero Adobe Orange'
'Sombrero Baja Burgundy'
'Sombrero Grenada Gold'
'Sombrero Hot Coral'
'Sombrero Salsa Red'
'Sombrero Sandy Yellow'
'Sombrero Sangrita'
'Sombrero Tres Amigos'
  E. purpurea 'Baby Swan Pink' - Dwarf plant with large, single, pink, daisy-like flowers. 20 in.
  E. purpurea 'Double Decker' - Unusual flowers with additional flower petals that grow from the prominent golden brown centers. Gives a two tiered effect. The full effect will not occur until after the first year. Rose pink flowers June-Sept. 40 in.
  E. purpurea 'Green Twister' - Large, flat, single flowers in lemon green with carmine-red centers. 2-3 ft.
  E. purpurea 'Magnus' - 1998 Perennial Plant of the Year - Large, flat, single, rose pink daisy-like flower with prominent golden brown centers June-Aug. 3 ft.
  E. purpurea 'PowWow' - Free flowering from May-Sept. Easy care, drought tolerant. 16-24 in.
'PowWow White' - White blooms.
'PowWow Wild Berry' - Purple blooms.
Fairy Wings
Spreading, evergreen ground cover with tough, heart-shaped foliage and stout rhizomes. Zone 5-9. 1 ft. Shade to part shade.
  E. versicolor 'Sulfureum' - Short-spurred, yellow blooms in April. Reddish new leaves mature to green, redden in fall.
E. karvinskianus 'Profusion' - Well-branched bushy plant. Prolific bloomer of long lasting, small white fading to pink daisies with narrow petals June-Sept. 8 in. Sun.
Heron's Bill
E. x variabile 'Bishop's Form' - Ground cover variety. Rock garden or border plant that blooms continuously June-Oct. Mat-forming. Works well around pavers. Pink flowers. 3 in. Sun.
Sea Holly
E. planum 'Blue Glitter' - Shimmering pincushion flowers are held erect on stiff stems. Silver blue stems and flowers. Great cut or dried. Easy care, drought tolerant. 3 ft. Sun.
Shrubby or creeping perennial with small narrow leaves. Needs good drainage. Sun to part shade.
  E. 'Golden Jubilee' - Bright, early spring color. Fragrant yellow spikes March-July. Nice border plant. 6 in.
  E. linifolium 'Apricot Twist' - Compact bushy plant with lush foliage. Fragrant apricot blooms cover plant May-Sept. 32 in.
  E. linifolium 'Bowle's Mauve' - Upright, mounding plant with long, narrow, gray green foliage. Deep lavender flowers in dense clusters May-July. 2 ft.
  E. linifolium 'Cheers Florange' - Masses of dark apricot wallflowers bloom early and continuously. May-Sept. 18-22 in.
  E. linifolium 'Cheers Sun-Kissed Amethyst' - Golden-yellow blooms mature to colors from bronze to lavender. 18-22 in.
  E. linifolium 'Super Bowl' - Compact, well-branched plants. Blooms March-July. 1 ft.
'Super Bowl Sunset' - Yellow to bronze to light purple blooms.
Joe Pye Weed
E. maculatum 'Atropurpureum' - Tall plant needs lots of room. Broad, wine red flower clusters top stiff, upright stems July-Sept. Good for a moist sunny location. 6 ft.
Varied group of plants. Garden varieties are drought tolerant and prefer well-drained soils. Sun to part shade.
  E. 'Ascot Rainbow' - Cream, greenish blue and reddish pink foliage. Cream, lime and green variegated flower clusters. 20 in.
  E. amygdaloides 'Purpurea' - Evergreen plant with upright soft stems. Oval leaves and stems are purple red all year. Decorative lime green bracts April-June. 18-24 in.
  E. polychroma 'Bonfire' - Chartreuse-gold. Yellow bracts in late spring. Wonderful all-season color. 10 in.
  E. martinii 'Tiny Tim' - Dwarf, tightly mounded habit with light green foliage. Yellow green bracts March-May. 18-24 in.
  E. polychroma - Deciduous mounding plant with bright green rounded foliage. Showy display of bright yellow flowers March-June. Good fall color. 2 ft.

More Euphorbia in the Premium Plant section.

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- F -

Japanese Aralia
F. japonica - Huge, 5-7 lobed, glossy leaves. White flower clusters in fall. Black fruits. Shrub to 10'. Shade to part shade.
FERN Foliage plants for full to part shade. Ferns prefer a constant moisture level, but not standing water.
  Athyrium felix-femina 'Limelight Lady' - Deciduous. Lime green, somewhat brittle foliage. 1-3 ft.
  Athyrium niponicum pictum 'Japanese Painted' - 2004 Perennial Plant of the Year - Showy, low maintenance fern with 12-18" fronds that are a soft shade of metallic silver gray with hints of red and blue. Deciduous. 18 in.
  Blechnum spicant 'Deer' - Evergreen. Native fern to the Pacific NW. Sturdy, clumping habit. Zone 5-8. 18-20 in.
  Cheilanthes sinuata 'Wavy Cloak' - Evregreen. Spreading fern with narrow, upright fronds. 6-18 in.
  Crytomium falcatum 'Japanese Holly' - Semi-evergreen. Glossy green toothed foliage. 18-30 in.
  Dryopteris cycadina 'Shaggy Shield' - Semi-evergreen. Golden green fronds. 18-36 in.
  Dryopteris erythrosora 'Autumn' - Evergreen. Deep green fronds turn bronze through winter. 18-24 in.
  Dryopteris filix-mas x Complexa 'Robust Male' - Semi-evergreen. Easy to grow, dark green. 2-4 ft.
  Dryopteris labordei 'Golden Mist' - Evergreen. Spreading fern with colorful orange and salmon new fronds. 1-2 ft.
  Polystichum munitum 'Western Sword' - Northwest native. Hardy and reliable. Evergreen. 18-60 in.
  Polystichum neoblepharum 'Asian Saber' - Evergreen. Deep green, thick fronds. Thick, rust-colored scales. 18-30 in.
  Polystichum polyblepharum 'Tassel Fern' - Evergreen. Glossy foliage. 1-2 ft.

More Fern in the Premium Plant section.
Dense clump of stiff foliage. Very decorative. Does not self-seed. Needs good drainage. Sun.
  F. glauca 'Beyond Blue' - Bluer than blue foliage. 16-18 in
  F. glauca 'Elijah Blue' - Attractive powder blue foliage. 1 ft.
  F. glauca 'Festina' - Blue green foliage has a trace of silver.
F. 'Lipstick' - Hardy ground cover related to the common strawberry. Vigorous plant spreads by runners. Nice accent in mixed planters. Main flush of showy rose red blooms occurs in early summer with a sprinkling of color until fall. Small red strawberries. 6 in. Sun.

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- G -

Blanket Flower
Showy summer blooming perennial with 3-4" flowers June-Sept. Deadhead for a longer bloom season. Likes fertile soil. Sun.
  G. 'Sunset' - Large blooms on compact plants. Gray green, hairy foliage.
'Sunset Cutie' - Two rows of red bronze petals with cream border on strong stems. 14 in.
'Sunset Flash' - Two rows of orange red petals with yellow tips on strong stems. 14 in.
'Sunset Sunrise' - Two rows of flat petals that are dark orange in the centers, radiating out to yellow orange. 16 in.
  G. x grandiflora 'Arizona' - Large, single blooms. 1 ft.
'Arizona Apricot' - Apricot petals with yellow tips.
'Arizona Sun' - Red petals with yellow tips.
  G. aristata 'Barbican Yellow Red Ring' - Dense petals form flowers with a red center and yellow edge. 1 ft.
  G. x grandiflora 'Goblin' - Compact plant. Prolific bloomer. Single flowers are red with yellow edges. 1 ft.
  G. aristata 'Mesa Red' - Earlier flowering variety. Red petals and mostly red center with a touch of yellow.
  G. aristata 'Sunrita' - Drought-resistant. Dependable color from spring to fall. Large bright blooms.
Golden Yellow
Red Yellow Tip
Yellow Red Ring
Sweet Woodruff
G. odoratum - Perennial ground cover with whorled leaves. Spreading plant works well for shady borders. Attractive around trees and tall shrubs. Small flowers in loose clusters April-May. 8 in. Part shade.
Wand Flower
Attractive plant with showy flower spikes through summer July-Oct. Flowers resemble small butterflies. Good continuous bloomers. Great for mixed planters.
  G. lindheimeri 'Ballerina Rose' - Compact, upright well-branched plants. Rose pink flowers. 18 in.
  G. lindheimeri 'Belleza' - Compact plants with excellent branching, dark leaves and short flower stems. 12-18 in.
'Belleza Dark Pink'
'Belleza Light Pink'
'Belleza White'
G. lindheimeri 'Little Janie' - Beautiful display of white and rose bicolored blooms. 16 in.
  G. lindheimeri 'Rosy Jane' - Two-toned flowers are white with a bright pink picotee. 18-24 in.
  G. lindheimeri 'Siskiyou Pink' - Deep pink flowers. 2 ft.
Hardy perennials for the perennial border. These varieties are all easy to grow with showy spring flowers. Sun to part shade.
  G. 'Rozanne' - 2008 Perennial Plant of the Year - Vigorous, mounding deep green foliage. Violet blue flowers all summer June-Sept. 20 in.
  G. 'Tiny Monster' - Large, bright magenta blooms April-Sept. Sterile seeds. Vigorous grower. 6-12 in.
  G. cantabrigiense 'Biokovo' - Large white flowers are flushed pink and have showy pink stamens. 6-8 in.
  G. sanguineum 'Max Frei' - Continuous bloomer. Purple red flowers May-Sept. 5-10 in.
  G. oxonianum 'Wargrave Pink' - Continuous bloomer. Broad mound of glossy green foliage bearing a summer-long display of bright pink flowers. Full to part sun. 18-23"

More Geranium in the Premium Plant section.
Easy to grow perennial with erect flower stems. Likes good soil. Sun.
  G. 'Alabama Slammer' - Ruffled gold flowers with red orange markings. Burgundy purple calyx and stems. 11-14 in.
  G. 'Banana Daiquiri' - Clear lemon yellow, semi-double blooms April-July. Semi-evergreen. 18 in.
  G. chiloense 'Mrs. Bradshaw' - Semi-double scarlet red flowers May-July. 18 in.
  G. 'Firestorm' - Bright orange, semi-double blooms on a compact plant. Blooms May-Aug. 13 in.
  G. 'Flames of Passion' - Compact, upright plant. Bright, fire red blooms April-July. 12-15 in.
  G. flora plena 'Blazing Sunset' - Fully double scarlet red flowers. Late spring into summer. 24 in.
  G. 'Mai Tai' - Ruffled, semi-double to single, apricot flowers blushed with rose. Blooms May-Aug. 16-18 in.
  G. 'Tequila Sunrise' - Bright yellow blossoms with a rose edge on deep purple red stems. 8-10 in.
  G. 'Totally Tangerine' - Warm yellow orange blossoms rise above deep green foliage May-June. 12-30 in.
  G. chiloense 'Mrs. Bradshaw' - Semi-double scarlet red flowers May-July. 18 in.
Baby's Breath
Popular perennial with upright and creeping forms. All require sunny location with well-drained, calcium-rich soils.
  G. cerastioides 'Pixie Splash' - Low mat-forming plant with small fuzzy leaves. Works well tucked in borders and rockery. White flowers with pink veins May-June. 3 in.
  G. paniculata 'Bristol Fairy' - Popular plant for cut or dried flowers. Profusion of small double white flowers in billowy clusters June-Sept. 3 ft.

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- H -

Forest Grass
H. macra 'All Gold' - Completely golden, long, sword-shaped leaves form graceful clumps. 1-2 ft. Part shade.
  H. macra 'Aureola' - 2009 Perennial Plant of the Year - Graceful, variegated yellow and green, striped leaves flush red in fall. Deciduous. 14 in. Sun to part shade.
HEBE A large group of evergreen shrubs. There is quite a variety of form and size. They are easy to grow and maintain and have uniform compact growth. Most are hardy in our area and will have some damage during the coldest of winter weather. All are root hardy. Great in planters and borders. Sun.
  H. 'Autumn Glory' - Deep purple blooms on an evergreen re-bloomer. Leaves are tinged in red. Zone 8. 2 ft.
  H. 'Blue Mist' - Rich glossy green foliage on curving lateral growth. Vigorous plant with rounded habit. Lavender blue flowers June-Aug. 2 ft.
  H. 'Grace Kelly' - Dark purple stems. Limestone gray foliage with jade undertones. Royal purple flowers July-Sept. 2-3 ft.
  H. 'Marilyn Monroe' - Olive gray leaves with thin, creamy margins and purple new growth. Pink flowers July-Sept. 2-3 ft.
  H. 'McKean' - Low mounding plant. Bright green, heather-like foliage. White flowers July-Aug. 1 ft.
  H. 'Patty's Purple' - Uniform plant with boxwood-like form. Purple flowers June-Aug. 2 ft.
  H. 'Purple Shamrock' - Narrow lime green variegated foliage on beautiful purple stems. Light mauve flowers. Zone 8. 2 ft.
  H. 'Raspberry Ripple' - Raspberry pink blossoms blushed with white. Young foliage is burgundy. Zone 8. 1 ft.
  H. 'Sunset Boulevard' - Masses of deep pink flowers July-Sept. 2-3 ft.
  H. pinguifolia 'Sutherlandii' - White blossoms with blue anthers. Hardy. Zone 6. 10 in.
  H. vernicosa - Compact shrub with small leaves. Attractive when planted in low shrub or perennial border. Purple flowers fade to white June-Aug. 12-18 in.

Very compact, well-branched habit. Stunning color from summer into fall. Heat tolerant.

H. autumnale 'Salud Embers' - Red w/ yellow tips. 14-16 in.
Sun Rose
Mounding plants for borders or large rock gardens. These plants prefer to be on the dry side and are very drought tolerant. Flowers June-Aug. 1 ft. Sun.
  H. 'Ben Hope' - Dary gray green foliage. Deep pink flowers with yellow centers.
  H. 'Dazzler' - Dark green glossy foliage. Magenta flowers.
  H. 'Dazzler Rose' - Dark green glossy foliage. Rose flowers.
  H. 'Fire Dragon' - Silver gray foliage. Glowing orange flowers.
  H. 'The Bride' - Silver gray foliage. Pure white flowers.
  H. 'Henfield Brilliant' - Large gray green foliage. Coppery orange flowers.
  H. 'Wisley Primrose' - Silver foliage. Light yellow flowers.

Narrow, dark-green leaves give the plant a shrub-like appearance.

H. salicifolius 'Autumn Gold' - Bright golden-yellow flowers. Blooms Sept-Nov. 2 ft.

Blue Oat Grass
H. sempervirons 'Sapphire' - The best of the mid-sized blue leaved grasses. Upright semi-evergreen with striking steel blue foliage. Good as specimen or container plant. Inflorescences appear in late spring and are held 2 ft. above foliage. 18-24 in. Sun.
False Sunflower
Sunny "daisies" bloom July-Oct. Prefers moist, well-drained soil in full sun, but tolerates drought. Sun to part shade.
  H. helianthoides 'Sunstruck' - Silver and green variegated leaves with large, sunny yellow "daisies". 14-16 in.
Lenten Rose
2005 Perennial Plant of the Year - Rich green leathery foliage grows in clumps from the base of the plants. Flowers from Feb-April. Prefers well drained rich neutral soil. 12-18 in. Part shade.
  H. x ballardiae 'Cinnamon Snow' - Pink buds. Creamy white flowers with dark cinnamon rose reverse. Gold Collection.
  H. x ballardiae 'Mahogany Snow' - Large creamy flowers with light pink reverse age to mahogany pink. Gold Collection.
  H. x ballardiae 'Merlin' - Light to dark pink flowers mature to cranberry. Dark stems and foliage. Gold Collection.
  H. x ballardiae 'Pink Frost' - Burgundy and white buds open light pink and age to burgundy red. From the Gold Collection.
  H. x ericsmithii 'Champion' - Large, creamy white flowers with a dark pink reverse. From the Gold Collection.
  H. x ericsmithii 'Winter's Song' - Masses of large creamy flowers with pink flushed backs. From the Gold Collection.
  H. x lividus 'Pink Marble' - Sturdy pink buds turn to creamy green with a pink reverse.
  H. 'Anna's Red' - Single, rounded, rich red-purple blossoms adorned with a crown of creamy stamens. Frostkiss Series.
  H. 'Camelot' - Pink buds open to large, pinkish cream flowers that face outward. From the Gold Collection.
  H. 'Love Bug' - Cream flowers are blushed rose. Rose stems and buds. Blue gray foliage. Gold Collection.
  H. 'Molly's White' - Pure white flowers above attractive marbled foliage. From the Frostkiss Series.
  H. 'Penny's Pink' - Purple buds open to pink and chartreuse flowers that deepen as they mature. Frostkiss Series.
  H. 'Platinum Rose' - Bright rose buds open to creamy flowers that fade to dark rose. From the Gold Collection.
  H. 'Spring Party' - Creamy white flowers accented by gray green leaves with distinctive lighter veins. Gold Collection.
  H. niger 'Jacob' - Pure white flowers age to light green. Flowers are tinged pink with cool weather. First year blooming.
H. 'Shooting Star' - Dusty rose buds open to white flowers that fade to sage green. From the Gold Collection. 12-18 in.
  H. x hybridus 'Winter Jewels' - Single and double bloom varieties. 18-22 in. Blooms late winter to early spring.
'Amber Gem' - An apricot dream. Double, cup-shaped, golden blossoms delicately margined in pink.
'Amethyst Glow' - Beautiful selection of nodding, single blooms in a rich deep purple with a lighter pink edge.
'Berry Swirl' - Large double flowers in shades of orchid. Some with a creamy-white center.
'Cherry Blossom' - Large semi-double blooms of rich pink with deep cherry-red centers. Glowing contrast on foliage.
'Jade Star' - Unique selection of single green blooms flushed and veined with maroon purple.
'Painted Double' - Large double flowers with white bicolor petals brushed with deep plum-purple and red hues.
'Peppermint Ice' - Delightful large double blooms with soft pink petals, each lined with a delicate dark pink edge.
'Red Sapphire' - Exceptionally beautiful with very large, fully double, lotus-like blossoms in rich shades of rose-red.
'Rose Quartz' - Outstanding selection with lovely double blooms of white with rose-pink picotee edges.
'Ruby Wine' - Single blooms of deep, velvety wine red with crested centers of white stamens.
Hardy low maintenance plant with strap-like leaves. Colorful trumpet-shaped flowers through summer. Sun.
  H. 'Autumn Red' - Dark red petals with yellow throat. Late bloomer. 2 ft.
  H. 'Crimson Pirate' - Starry, crimson red blooms with paler midribs, a red eye and a yellow throat. Mid season. 30 in.
  H. 'Fragrant Returns' - Very fragrant, lightly ruffled, light lemon yellow blooms. Everblooming. 18 in.
  H. 'Gentle Shepherd' - Huge creamy white 5½" blooms with a yellow green throat June-July. Mid-late season. 20-30 in.
  H. 'Hall's Pink' - Cotton candy pink flowers with a raspberry pink eye and golden throat. Late season. 2 ft.
H. 'Mary Reed' - Rose-purple blooms that boast a striking green throat and stays open into the evening hours. 20 in.
  H. 'Pardon Me' - Brick red blooms with yellow green throat. Re-bloomer. Mid season. 18-20 in.
  H. 'Playground' - Ruffled, peach-orange 5 inch blooms with a reddish halow above a green throat. 26 in.
  H. 'Prairie Blue Eyes' - Lavender blooms with a light blue eye zone. Good re-bloomer. 2 ft.
  H. 'Purple d'Oro' - Reddish purple flowers with a yellow throat and orange back. Re-bloomer. 20 in.
  H. 'Purple Passion' - Showy blooms in a vivid purple blend with a yellow-green throat. 34 in.
  H. 'Raspberry Ruffles' - Evergreen. Carmine with deep red eye. Ruffled edge. 20 in.
  H. 'Stella d'Oro' - Gold flowers. Good everblooming variety. Early-mid season. 20 in.
  H. 'Success Story' - Huge blooms in creamy pale apricot with bright red eyezone and a pale olive-yellow throat. 32 in.
  H. 'Whimsical' - Bright purple flowers. Mid-late season. 20 in.
  H. 'Wine Delight' - Wine red blooms. Early-mid season. 20 in.
Coral Bells
Reliable perennial for borders with attractive foliage and loose flower clusters on upright stems. Needs good drainage. Part shade.
  H. 'Berry Smoothie' - Big, bold leaf color ranges from purple rose to rose pink. Light pink flower sprays July-Aug. 18 in.
  H. 'Black Taffeta' - Silky black, ruffled, glossy foliage. Pink flower spikes May-June. Zone 4-9. 1 ft.
  H. 'Carnival' - Heat tolerant. 10-12 in.
H. 'Carnival Black Olive' - Heat tolerant. Dark purple to black foliage. 10-12 in.
H. 'Carnival Candy Apple' - Heat tolerant. Leaves are a nice blend of copper and red. 10-12 in.
'Carnival Limeade' - Cream markings on chartreuse foliage.
'Carnival Peach Parfait' - Beautiful peach pink foliage that shows silver in cool temperatures.
'Carnival Rose Granita' - Striking purple red leaves with dark veins.
'Carnival Watermelon' - Peach pink new growth matures to bronze green.
  H. 'Fire Chief' - Fantastic wine-red foliage. Dark red stems produce lovely sprays of small white and pink flowers. 9 in.
  H. 'Forever Purple' - Ultra purple, glossy leaves with fluted edges. Vigorous. Pink purple flower spikes. Zone 4-9. 1 ft.
  H. 'Forever Red' - Ruffled red leaves that become more vibrant in cooler temperatures. White flowers. 1 ft.
  H. 'Harvest Lemon Chiffon' - Ruffled yellow green leaves keep their color all year. Pink flowers May-June. 1 ft.
  H. 'Lime Marmalade' - Deeply-lobed and heavily ruffled leaves that glow a lime to chartreuse green all season. 10 in.
  H. 'Marmalade' - Shiny, undulating foliage is umber to deep sienna with hot pink undersides. 10 in.
  H. 'Melting Fire' - Ruffled red to deep maroon leaves. White flowers May-June on tall stems. 18 in.
  H. 'Midnight Rose' - Hot pink splashes on dark reddish purple leaves. Sun tolerant. 10 in.
  H. 'Red Lightning' - Electrifying dark red veins spark over huge gold leaves. 1 ft.
  H. 'Rio' - A multicolored plant name for a vibrant city. Beautiful, short maroon flower spikes with white flowers. 1 ft.
  H. 'Southern Comfort' - Huge cinnamon peach to amber leaves. Creamy white flower sprays July-Aug. 14 in.
  H. Spellbound' - Marvelous ruffled foliage of dazzling silvers with tints of rose purple. 1 ft.
  H. sanguinea 'Ruby Bells' - Green foliage. Stunning blood red flower spikes May-June. Good cut flower. 16 in.
  H. 'Tokyo' - A great summer shade accent. Showy red blooms on a low mound of green foliage. 1 ft.
Plantain Lily
Hardy perennial plants grown primarily for their decorative foliage. All do well in shady locations throughout the garden. Varieties vary in size and bloom. Watch out for slugs.
  H. 'August Moon' - Bright gold, wavy, corrugated leaves. Pale lavender flowers. Slug resistant. 20" high by 42" wide.
H. 'Big Daddy' - Large, thick, corrugated leaves are a rich blue green. Near white flowers. 26" high by 49" wide.
  H. 'Blue Ivory' - Blue leaves with a wide, creamy-white border. Slow growing. 16" high x 30" wide.
H. 'Bridal Falls' - Heart-shape leaves with pale yellow to creamy white margins. Deeply impressed veins. 26" x 48".
  H. 'Dancing Queen' - Gorgeous, ribbed yellow to cream leaves. 18" high x 30" wide.
H. 'Elegans' - Huge blue-gray rounded leaves turn heavily textured and corrugated as they mature. 20" high by 40" wide.
  H. 'First Frost' - Blue green leaves with a gold to creamy white margin. Pale lavender flowers. 14" high by 36" wide.
H. 'Frances Williams' - Giant, blue-green leaves have very wide, cartreuse to yellow margins. 22" high x 48" wide.
  H. 'Great Expectations' - Blue green, wide leaves with contrasting creamy white centers. 24" high by 50" wide.
H. 'Guacamole' - Huge, glossy, apple-green leaves are surrounded by streaked, dark green margins. 22" high by 38" wide.
H. 'Happy Dayz' - Sharp and contrasting veriegation with light lavender flowers in midsummer. 18" high by 28" wide.
  H. 'Island Breeze' - Wide, dark green margins with bright yellow centers. Dark lavender flowers. 12" high by 18" wide.
  H. 'June Spirit' - Shiny leaves with wide, deep green margins and chartreuse yellow centers. 14" high x 20" wide.
  H. 'Key West' - Intense gold, heart-shaped leaves. 28" high x 38" wide.
  H. 'Liberty' - Blue green leaves with streaked yellow margins. Lavender flowers. Slug resistant. 26" high by 39" wide.
  H. 'Minuteman' - Dark green leaves with a pure white wide margin. Pale lavender flowers. 18" high by 30" wide.
  H. 'Old Glory' - Heart-shaped golden leaves with wide dark green margins. Light lavender flowers. 14" high by 24" wide.
  H. 'Prairie Sky' - Tight clump of powdery blue, tightly cupped, thick leaves. 14" high x 24" wide.
  H. 'Rainforest Sunrise' - Bright gold leaf centers with dark green margins. Near white flowers. 10" high by 25" wide.
  H. 'Remember Me' - Bright yellow leaves whiten in summer, green margins. Lavender flowers. 15" high by 20" wide.
HYDRANGEA Deciduous shrub with large heads of flowers in summer and fall. Grows 3-4 feet tall by 3-4 feet wide.
H. macrophylla 'All Summer Beauty' - Prolific flowering shrub bears large, ball-shaped clusters in pink or blue.
H. macrophylla 'Merritt Supreme' - Huge flower heads of rich purple-blue to deep rosy-pink depending on soil pH.
H. macrophylla 'Nikko Blue' - Acidic soils produce blue flowers; in more alkaline soils, blooms may have a pink hue.
  H. macrophylla 'Everlasting' - This series offers new selections of big leaf hydrangeas. Wonderful for cut flowers.
'Green Cloud' - Flowers open in a celery-green with a white eye-zone that turns ablaze with red and green tones.
'Harmony' - Blooms first develop a deeper pink or blue tone with green edges, and then fade to a lovely, soft celery green.
'Nobless' - Crisp, celery-green flowers are brightened by white centers with complimentary purple eyes.
'Revolution' - Repeat flowering in combinations of deep pink, maroon and true blue, adding green highlights as it matures.
St. John's Wort
H. calycinum - Semi-evergreen ground cover for sunny locations. Green foliage. Sun and drought tolerant. Spreads by underground runners. Yellow flowers June-July. 1 ft. Sun.

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- I - - J - - K -

Evergreen, reliable hardy perennials that are excellent for borders. Easy to grow. Sun to part shade.
  I. 'Pink Ice' - Glossy evergreen foliage. Clusters of pink flowers with small dark pink centers April-June. 8 in.
  I. 'Snow Surfer' - Extremely floriferous. Dark green, uniform mounds of shiny leaves. Snow white flowers. 4 in.
I. 'Snowsurfer Forte' - Large white flowers cover tidy, mounded plants. Frost tolerant. Blooms April-June. 6-10 in.
  I. sempervirens 'Purity' - Stiffly branched, compact plant. Large white flowers April-June. 8-10 in.
  I. sempervirens 'Snowsation' - Large white flowers cover tidy, mounded plants. Frost tolerant. April-June. 9 in.
I. cylindrica rubra 'Red Baron' - Clumping grass. Striking mid-green leaves turn blood red from the tips down. 16 in. Sun.
J. effusus 'Twisted Arrows' - Whimsical and unique texture of straight and twisted stems. 18-36 in. Sun.

J. effusus 'Twister' - Novel clumping plant with cylindrical, green, twisted, spiraled, hollow stems. Flowers are in small clusters along stems. Great plant around water features or in planters. Likes moist areas. Generally self-sowing. 12-14 in. Sun.
Torch Lily
Stout plant with spiky, wide-bladed foliage. Bottle-brush-like flower spikes rise above the foliage on erect stems. Sun.
  K. hirsuta 'Fire Dance' - Coral red spikes turn yellow. Blue green foliage. 20 in.
  K. uvaria 'Flamenco' - Plants bloom the first year from seed. Orange and red flowers July-Sept. 4 ft.

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- L -

L. fluviatilis 'Blue Star Creeper' - Low ground cover with small bright green foliage. Forms a dense carpet. Sky blue flowers June-Oct. 2 in. Sun.
Tree Mallow
Summer blooming shrubby perennial with showy funnel-shaped blooms June-Oct. Sun.
  L. x clementii 'Barnsley' - Light pink flowers have dark centers. 5 ft.
  L. x clementii 'Burgundy Wine' - Dark rosy pink blooms. 5 ft.
L. squalida 'Platt's Black' - Delicate, blackish, fern-like leaves. Rhizomatous, mat-like ground cover. Tolerates footsteps. Leaves show some green in full shade and blacken in sun. Sun to part shade. 2 in.
Shasta Daisy
Valuable summer bloomers with dark green glossy foliage. Good for mass plantings. Nice cut flower. All have white daisy flowers and will tend to bloom continuously if spent flowers are deadheaded. Sun to part shade.
  L. 'Goldfinch' - Charming, bright lemon yellow to ivory, semi-double flowers May-Sept. 23 in.
  L. x superbum 'Alaska' - Single, 3" white flowers in June-July. 3 ft.
  L. x superbum 'Becky' - 2003 Perennial Plant of the Year - Hardy reliable variety. One of the best of the single flower types. Single, 3-4" white flowers May-July. 2 ft.
  L. x superbum 'Belgian Lace' - Dwarf plant. Large, white, double flowers with fringed petal tips June-Aug. 10 in.
  L. x superbum 'Bridal Bouquet' - Lightly ruffled, double, broad petaled white flowers. Compact habit. June-Aug. 8-12 in.
  L. x superbum 'Crazy Daisy' - Flower petals are narrow, wavy and slightly curled at the tips. Double, 4" white flowers May-July. 30 in.
  L. 'Darling Daisy' - Very compact, low growing perennial with single, 2" white daisies May-Sept. 6 in.
  L. x superbum 'Real Charmer' - Fancy, frilly petals of creamy yellow surround a contrasting deep golden center. 16-18 in
  L. x superbum 'Real Dream' - Flowers have 3 layers of yellow petals with golden yellow centers. 16-18 in.
  L. x superbum 'Real Galaxy' - Heavily fringed, white daisies with bright yellow centers. 22 in.
  L. x superbum 'Real Glory' - Layers of long, white petals surround a frilly yellow center and dark yellow eye. 2 ft.
  L. x superbum 'Real Neat' - Double layer of perfectly fluted, horizontal white petals surrounding a solid gold center. 16-18 in.
  L. x superbum 'Real Sunbeam' - Single layer of colorfast yellow petals surrounding a large gold center. 3 ft.
  L. x superbum 'Snow Cap' - Very compact, uniform plant. Single, 2" white flowers May-Sept. 14-18 in.
L. x superbum 'Sweet Daisy Jane' - Golden yellow cone surrounded by bright white petals. 16-18 in.
Flowering succulent native to Western North America. Does best in well-drained, low fertility soils. Sun.
  L. cotyledon 'Elise' - Evergreen, dark green rosettes. Mixed colors. Flower clusters re-bloom spring-fall. 4-6 in.
  L. cotyledon 'Hybrid Mix' - Low rosettes of fleshy leaves. Flower clusters in sunset colors May-June. 4 in.
Asiatic Lily
L. 'Asiatic Hybrids' - Summer blooming perennial bulb. Showy. large, exotic, trumpet-shaped flowers. Great in containers and the garden. Plant in well drained, humus-rich soil. 18-24 in. Sun.
  L. 'Bright Joy' - Bi-color blooms with red tips and yellow centers.
  L. 'Buzzer' - Deep pink blooms.
L. 'Golden Joy' - Yellow with gold center.
  L. 'Golden Matrix' - Golden yellow blooms.
L. 'Island Joy' - Rose pink
L. 'Majestic Joy' - Red with gold center.
  L. 'Orange Matrix' - Bright orange blooms.
  L. 'Perfect Joy' - Pink blooms with white center.
  L. 'Red Matrix' - Red blooms.
  L. 'Sparkling Joy' - White blooms.
L. 'Sunset Joy' - Yellow with red markings.
LITHODORA Evergreen perennial ground cover forms a spreading mat that is covered with flowers April-May. Likes good drainage. 4 in. Sun.
  L. diffusa 'Grace Ward' - Dark green foliage. Electric blue flowers.
  L. diffusa 'White Star' - Green foliage. Electric blue flowers have a white star pattern in the center.
Cardinal Flower
Upright perennial with colorful flower spikes July-Sept. Sun to part shade.
  L. speciosa 'Starship' - Boldly colored flowers on dense, upright spikes. Well-branched plants. 20-24 in.
'Starship Scarlet'
  L. speciosa 'Vulcan Red' - Rigidly upright with strong stems. Deep red foliage and brilliant red flower spikes. 30 in.

More Lobelia in the Annual section.
Box Honeysuckle
L. nitida 'Lemon Beauty' - Evergreen shrub. Upright, horizontal branches. Small green leaves edged in gold. 3-6 ft. Sun.
Hybrid lupines are stout plants with large dense flower spikes. Showy as a specimen or in mass plantings. Sun.
  L. polyphyllus 'Gallery' - Compact plants. Flowers in June-July. 2 ft.
'Gallery Blue'
'Gallery Pink'
'Gallery Red'
'Gallery Mix'
  L. polyphyllus 'Westcountry' - Tall stems. Flowers in June-July. 2 ft.
'Westcountry Blacksmith' - Deep Purple.
'Westcountry Desert Sun' - Yellow.
'Westcountry Gladiator' - Orange and Red.
'Westcountry Masterpiece' - Purple.
'Westcountry Persian Slipper' - Periwinkle Blue.
'Westcountry Red Rum' - Red.
L. coronaria 'Mullein Pink' - Self-sowing biennial with silvery woolly foliage. Drought tolerant once established. Rose pink flowers June-July. 2 ft. Sun.

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- M -

M. sylvestris 'Zebrina' - Easy to grow perennial. Stiffly branched, upright plants with deep green foliage. Attractive pink blooms striped with violet. Marginally hardy, but a prolific self-seeder. Long blooming season. 3-4 ft. Sun.
M. requienii 'Corsican Mint' - Creeping ornamental mint that forms a low fragrant mat. Needs ample moisture and good drainage. 1 in. Part shade.

More Mint in the Herb section.
Herbaceous perennial grass native to Eastern Asia. Tall plant with long leaves that forms dense clumps. Sun.
  M. sinensis 'Adagio' - Silvery green, graceful foliage turns orange, gold and burgundy in fall. Pink to white plumes. 5 ft.
  M. sinensis 'Gold Breeze' - Arching apple green leaves with horizontal gold stripes. Copper red flowers. 7 ft.
  M. sinensis 'Morning Light' - Deep green grass blades with silvery mid-rib. Showy, coppery flower plumes. 3-6 ft.
Bee Balm
Tall, long-flowering plant that is attractive to hummingbirds and butterflies. Deer resistant. Likes moist rich soil. Blooms June-Sept. Sun.
  M. 'Fireball' - Deep scarlet red flowers on a dwarf plant. 12-15 in.
  M. didyma 'Balmy' - Early flowering and compact. Brightly colored flowers. 10-12 in.
'Balmy Pink' - Bright pink flowers.
'Balmy Purple' - Bright purple flowers.
'Balmy Rose' - Bright rose flowers.
M. didyma 'Dancing Bird' - Ruby-red hybrid. Mildew-tolerant with a long bloom window. June-Sept. 18-22 in.
  M. didyma 'Jacob Cline' - Scarlet red flowers. 3 ft.
  M. didyma 'Panorama Red Shades' - Red flowers. 3 ft.
  M. didyma 'Rockin' Raspberry' - Purple Flowers. 16-24 in.
M. didyma 'Sugar Buzz Blue Moon' - Lavender blue flowers are held by purple bracts. Aromatic foliage. 16-24 in.
M. 'Fireball' - Deep scarlet red flowers on a dwarf plant. 12-15 in.
M. sylvatica 'Victoria Indigo' - Self-sowing biennial easily naturalizes. Good for shady borders. Delicate, rich blue flowers April-June. 8 in. Shade to part shade.

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- N - - O -

Fragrant perennial is drought tolerant once established. Flowers attract butterflies. Sun.
N. faassenii 'Little Trudy' - Compact selection with a low, spreading habit. Numerous purple-violet flowers. 10-14 in.
N. faassenii 'Purrsian Blue' - Tidy habit and more compact than other varieties. Striking periwinkle blue flowers. 14-18 in.
N. faassenii 'Walker's Low' - 2007 Perennial Plant of the Year - Compact mounding plant with aromatic, gray green foliage. Periwinkle blue flowers June-Aug. Attracts butterflies. 23-35 in. Sun.
O. kunthiana 'Glowing Magenta' - Marginally hardy, tidy, compact plant with deep green foliage. Good summer color. Deep pink flowers June-Sept. 1 ft. Sun.
Mondo Grass
O. planiscapus 'Black Beard' - Narrow black grass-like leaves that arch gracefully outward and down. Evergreen. 12 in.
Ornamental Oregano
O. rotundifolium 'Kent Beauty' - Ornamental version of Oregano. Veined blue green leaves. Cascading, pink and chartreuse flower bracts. Trails on the ground or in a basket. 4-8 in. Sun.

More Oregano in the Herb section.

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- P -

Japanese Spurge
P. terminalis - Dense ground cover of rich green, shiny foliage. Good cover for shade. White flowers May. 6-8 in. Shade.
Showy, large, globe-shaped flowers May-June. Numerous stamens and pistils. 2-3 ft. Sun to part shade.
  P. 'Bowl of Beauty' - Rose pink petals cupped around the contrasting feathery, creamy yellow stamens.
  P. 'Coral Sunset' - Flowers open smoldering coral with rose pink highlights and mature to pale apricot.
  P. 'Dr. Alexander Fleming' - Fragrant, fully double, pink blossoms. Central petals tend to curl inward.
  P. 'Festiva Maxima' - White flowers with a few red spots.
  P. 'Gay Paree' - Rich pink flowers around dense creamy-white stamens.
  P. 'Kansas' - Fully double, carmine red flowers.
  P. 'Karl Rosenfeld' - Magnificient fully double, deep red flowers.
Popular perennial with showy blooms. Good cut flower. Needs rich soil with good drainage. Sun.
  P. nudicaule 'Wonderland' - Somewhat tender perennial tends to be short lived. Showy in mass plantings. Pastel shades of orange, pink, red, rose, white and yellow flowers April-Sept. 16 in.
  P. orientale - Oriental Poppies - Generally large plants with striking flowers to 6" on tall stiff stems May-June. Plants go dormant after blooming. 3 ft.
'Allegro' - Orange red flowers.
'Patty's Plum' - Ruffled plum purple flowers, dark central ring.
'Royal Wedding' - Pure white flowers with a black center.
'Victoria Louise' - Salmon pink flowers.

More Poppy in the Annual section.
Fountain Grass
Finely textured grass produces very fluffy, soft flower plumes that beg to be stroked. Low maintenance. Sun.
  P. 'Cherry Sparkler' - Green and white striped leaves have a pink blush. Burgundy red plumes. 2 ft. Sun to part shade.
  P. alopecuroides 'Hameln' - Finely textured rich green foliage. Coppery tan plumes. 18-30 in. Sun.
  P. alopecuroides 'Little Bunny' - Dwarf fountain grass. Buff colored bottle-brush plumes. 10-12 in.
  P. alopecuroides 'Red Head' - Arching green foliage. Smoky pink bottle-brush plumes. 2-3 ft.
  P. messiacum 'Red Bunny Tails' - Upright arching plant with glossy green foliage and burgundy highlights. Flowers on stems above the foliage resemble a rabbit's foot. 2-3 ft. Sun to part shade.
  P. setaceum 'Rubrum' - Tender grass with upright arching burgundy foliage. Great in containers. 2-3 ft. Sun.
  P. setaceum rubrum 'Fireworks' - Variegated purple grass. Burgundy mid vein with hot pink margins. 24-30 in. Sun.
Versatile summer blooming perennials with showy tubular flowers on tall spikes. Plant in good well drained soils. P. barbatus hybrids tend to be short lived. Sun.
P. barbatus 'MissionBells Deep Rose' - Showy hybrid puts on a terrific display of deep rose color. 20-24 in.
P. barbatus 'Pristine Lilac Purple' - Upright clumping variety with dark purple flowers. 12-16 in.
P. barbatus 'Rock Candy Ruby' - Plump panicles stand out against green foliage. Dark rose blooms. 12 in.
P. barbatus 'Twizzle Purple' - Award winning hybrid selection. Vibrant purple flowers. 3 ft.
  P. 'Riding Hood' - Long lasting flowers June-Oct. Thick, glossy green foliage. 24-30 in.
'Riding Hood Red'
  P. heterophyllus 'Electric Blue' - Well-branched plant with striking, intense blue flowers June-Aug. 16 in.
  P. x mexicale 'Carillo' - Shiny foliage on compact plants. Strong flower spikes May-Aug. 8-10 in.
'Carillo Purple'
'Carillo Red'
  P. x mexicale 'Pike's Peak Purple' - Tall spikes of showy purple flowers with striped throats July-Aug re-bloom into Oct. 30 in.
  P. x mexicale 'Sunburst Ruby' - Compact, sturdy plant with glossy foliage. Showy, ruby red flowers have a white center June-Aug. 16 in.

More Penstemon in the Premium Plant section.
Russian Sage
P. atriplicifolia - 1995 Perennial Plant of the Year - Hardy drought and sun tolerant plant with fragrant, lacy blue green foliage. Lavender blue spikes July-Oct. 3 ft. Sun.
  P. atriplicifolia 'Crazy Blue' - Summer blooming. Deer resistant. Hardy, drought and sun tolerant plan. Violet blue. 18 in.
Creeping Phlox
Low creeping plants that form a dense mat. Prolific spring bloomer for rock walls, banks and borders March-May. 4 in. Sun to part shade.
P. hybrida 'Rocky Road Magenta' - Magenta blooms.
  P. subulata 'Candystripe' - Very novel flower. Plants will often re-bloom in late summer. Flowers pink with light pink picotee and red eye.
  P. subulata 'Emerald Blue' - Lilac blue blooms.
  P. subulata 'Fort Hill' - Lavender blooms.
  P. subulata 'Purple Beauty' - Dark purple blooms.
  P. subulata 'Scarlet Flame' - Red blooms.
  P. subulata 'Spring' - Forms a carpet of color in early spring.
'Spring Blue'
'Spring Dark Pink'
'Spring Light Pink'
'Spring Purple'
'Spring White'
Tall Garden Phlox
Upright plants that grow in broad clumps. Showy flower clusters on stiff stems in summer from July-Sept. Leaf spots and mildew are unavoidable. Sun.
  P. paniculata 'Cherry Cream' - Bright display of large cream and pink flowers. Frost tolerant. 22-26 in.
  P. paniculata 'Flame' - Fragrant blooms. Vigorous, compact, mildew resistant plants. 18-24 in.
'Flame Purple'
'Flame White'
P. paniculata 'Younique' - Great series of large-flowered, compact garden Phlox. Flowers July-Sept. 14-16 in.
Old Pink (pink bicolor)
Orange (salmon)
Trendy (white with pink eye)
New Zealand Flax
Tropical looking upright clump with long fibrous decorative foliage. Plants come in varying sizes. All varieties look great in mixed containers or as specimens. Phormium will not survive extreme winter cold. Temperatures in the low teens are generally fatal without protection. Plant in a sunny location with even moisture.
P. 'Apricot Queen' - New apricot-hued leaves contrast the green-marginated, pale yellow mature foliage. 3-4 ft.
  P. 'Pink Panther' - Candy pink centers with darker reddish bronze margins. Slightly arching foliage. 3-4 ft.
  P. 'Platt's Black' - Narrow, lustrous evergreen leaves has a rich chocolate black color. Arching foliage. 3-4 ft.
  P. 'Rainbow Maiden' - Salmon-pink centers with narrow bronze-green margins. Long, arching foliage. 4-6 ft.
P. 'Rainbow Queen' - Olive green leaves edged in red and cream with a deep bronze midrib. 4-6 ft.
  P. 'Sundowner' - Dark bronze leaves with pink edges and occasional pink stripes. Very colorful accent plant. 3 ft.
  P. tenax 'Purpureum' - Dark, reddish purple, broad, sword-shaped leaves. Fast growing. 4-6 ft.
Balloon Flower
P. grandiflorus 'Sentimental Blue' - Inflated buds open to purple blue flowers. Mounded green foliage. 1 ft.
Jacob's Ladder
Clusters of lightly fragrant bells rise above a low mound of fern-like foliage. Part shade is best.
  P. caeruleum 'Brise D'Anjou' - Wonderful green and creamy white variegated foliage. Azure blue flower spikes April-June. 2 ft.
  P. caeruleum 'Heavenly Habit' - Green foliage. Fragrant azure blue flowers in loose clusters. 2 ft.
  P. yezoense 'Purple Rain' - Purple foliage. Fragrant, deep purple flower spikes May-Aug. 2 ft.
Star Creeper
P. pedunculata 'County Park' - Spreading ground cover makes a dense carpet. Star-shaped, deep blue flowers June-Aug. 2 in. Sun.
Mounding plants with fleshy green leaves often with silver spots. An early spring bloomer that works well in shady locations. Blooms April-May. 1 ft. Shade.
  P. 'Raspberry Splash' - Dusky raspberry coral flowers. Sun tolerant, sharply pointed, very upright foliage.
  P. 'Trevi Fountain' - Large cobalt blue flowers. Slender, silver-spotted leaves.
Pasque Flower
Bell-shaped flowers rising from a clump of finely dissected leaves develop into silky, white seed heads. 8-10 in. Sun.
  P. vulgaris 'Red Bells' - Red flowers with yellow centers March-April.
  P. vulgaris 'Violet Bells' - Violet blue flowers March-April.

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- Q - - R -

Prairie Coneflower
R. columnifera 'Red Mexican Hat' - North American native. Mahogany flowers have tall dark centers and drooping petals July-Sept. 2 ft. Sun.
R. calcinoides 'Emerald Carpet' - Rapidly spreading, low growing ground cover. Olive green leaves redden in winter. White flowers May. 6 in. Sun.
Often called Black-eyed Susan. Easy to grow plants with attractive summer bloom. Rudbeckia hirta varieties are not reliably hardy. Good for mass plantings or mixed sunny borders. Most make good cut flowers. A very good plant if deer are a problem. They will rarely eat foliage or flower.
  R. fulgida 'Goldsturm' - 1999 Perennial Plant of the Year - Hardier and longer lived than R. hirta. Very long lasting, golden orange flowers with dark centers on stiff stems July-Oct. 2-3 ft.
  R. fulgida 'Little Goldstar' - Hardy perennial. Compact. Rich green foliage. Golden yellow flowers July-Oct. 14-16 in.
  R. hirta 'Autumn Colors' - Tender perennial. Huge, daisy-like, 5-7" blooms with a mahogany center. Yellow to red petals. 20-24 in.
  R. hirta 'Cherokee Sunset' - Semi-hardy perennial with showy double to semi-double flowers. A blend of sunset colors of yellow, bronze, orange and mahogany July-Oct. 24-30 in.
  R. hirta 'Cherry Brandy' - Tender perennial. Prolific, striking, deep red and maroon blooms with a dark center July-Oct. 2 ft.
  R. hirta 'Denver Daisy' - Tender perennial. Strong stems. Golden yellow blooms with a rusty red ring July-Oct. 20 in.
  R. hirta 'Indian Summer' - Tender perennial. Tall upright plant with large 5" blooms. Semi-double golden flowers with dark center June-Nov. 3-4 ft.
  R. hirta 'Prairie Sun' - Tender perennial. Tall upright plant with large 5-6" blooms. Golden flowers with light green center June-Nov. 2 ft.
  R. triloba 'Prairie Glow' - Tall colorful plant. Cheerful bi-colored blooms are red with yellow tips. Single flowers. Rich purple brown stems. 3-4 ft.
Bloody Dock
R. sanguineus 'Bloody Dock' - Attractive, clumping plant with dark green, lance-shaped leaves with prominent red veins. Use as accent in mixed border. Panicles of tiny green flowers June-July. 18 in. Sun to part shade.

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- S -

Dense carpet of intertwined stems form a solid moss-like mat. Needs full sun but is intolerant of drought. Small white flowers June-Aug. 2 in. Sun.
  S. subulata 'Irish Moss' - Bright forest green mat.
  S. subulata 'Scotch Moss' - Bright lime green mat.
Good border plants with excellent deer resistance. Easy to grow perennials needing good soil and full sun.
  S. nemorosa 'Blue Hill' - Glowing purple stems, gray green aromatic foliage and true blue flowers June-Oct. 15 in.
S. nemerosa 'Blue By You' - Bright blue flowers. Winter hardy and heat resistant. 20-22 in.
S. nemerosa 'Blue Marvel' - Bright blue flowers spikes on a bushy clumb of grey-green leaves. May-Oct. 10-12 in.
S. nemerosa 'May Night' - Tall spikes of indigo blue flowers top compact mounds of soft, green foliage. 16 in.
S. nemerosa 'Rose Marvel' - The largest flowers of any rose or pink Salvia nemerosa. Stunning color. 10-12 in.
  S. nemorosa 'Burgundy Candles' - Blue flowers with burgundy calyces erupt from wine red buds. 26 in.
  S. nemorosa 'Caradonna' - Olive green foliage on upright plants. Striking black flower stems with richly colored purple flowers May-Aug. 18 in.
  S. nemorosa 'East Friesland' - Intense violet blue flowers May-Aug. 18 in.
  S. nemorosa 'Pink Friesland' - Hot pink flowers May-Aug. 18 in.
  S. nemorosa 'Sensation' - Spikes of flowers May-Aug. Compact dwarf plant. 1 ft.
'Sensation Deep Blue' - Dark blue flowers.
'Sensation Deep Rose' - Deep rose flowers.
  S. nemorosa 'Snow Hill' - Dark green aromatic foliage and clear white flowers June-Oct. 15 in.
SALVIA greggii
Texas Sage
S. greggii 'Radio Red' - Fragrant accent plant with true red blooms. Compact, well-branched and long blooming. Borderline perennial. Attracts hummingbirds. 16-18 in. Sun to part shade.

More Salvia in the Annual and Perennial sections.
S. chamaecyperissus - Mediterranean native often grown in herb gardens and used as an insecticide and moth repellant. Drought tolerant, somewhat shrubby plant with silver gray foliage. Good for accent in dry locations. Yellow flowers June-Aug. 2 ft. Sun.
S. ocymoides - Very showy early summer display. Creeping plant with 1" leaves. Good trailing perennial for planters and rock walls. Needs good drainage. 1" pink blooms May-June. 6 in. Sun.
Cushion of soft green rosettes spreading to a dense mat. Single flowers on 3" stems. Sun to part shade.
  S. x arendsii 'Alpino' - Free flowering, large blossoms March-May. 6-8 in.
'Alpino Early Picotee' - White blossoms with rose margins and markings.
'Alpino Early Pink Heart' - Pink blossoms with rose centers.
S. x arendsii 'Alpino Carnival' - Free flowering, large vibrant rose blossoms. 4-6 in.
S. x arendsii 'Alpino Pink' - Free flowering, large pink blossoms. 4-6 in.
  S. x arendsii 'Highlander Red' - Red blossoms April-June. 3-5 in.
  S. x arendsii 'Touran' - Extended bloom time March-May. Fleshy leaves. 4-6 in. Sun to part shade.
'Touran Pink'
'Touran Scarlet'
'Touran White'
Showy pincushion flowers bloom constantly late spring through fall. Good cut flower. Likes rich soil. Sun.
  S. caucasica 'Fama Blue' - Lavender blue flowers July-Sept. 2 ft.
  S. columbaria 'Flutter Deep Blue' - Deep blue blooms. 10-15 in.
  S. columbaria 'Flutter Rose Pink' - Rose pink blooms. 10-15 in.
Sun loving plants with succulent fleshy foliage. Showy summer and fall flower display. Best in loamy well drained soils. All are drought tolerant. Sun.
Rock Garden &
Ground Cover
S. 'Angelina' - Rich golden yellow, trailing, mat-forming, fleshy foliage. Yellow flowers July. 5 in.
  S. 'Lemon Ball' - Lemon yellow, needle-like, mat-forming, fleshy foliage. Yellow flowers in July. 4 in.
  S. 'Red Canyon' - Small grey leaves and light pink, starry flowers. Blooms late summer to fall. 6 in.
  S. 'SunSparkler Blue Elf' - Tight clusters of dark pink flowers on steel blue foliage. Blooms in late summer. 4 in.
  S. 'SunSparkler Cherry Tart' - Loose clusters of vivid pink flowers. Succulent, dark, cherry red foliage. 8 in.
  S. 'SunSparkler Firecracker' - Large clusters of pink flowers. Shiny cherry red foliage that doesn't fade. 6 in.
  S. 'SunSparkler Lime Zinger' - Clusters of pink flowers. Lime green foliage has a cherry red picotee edge. 8 in.
  S. acre 'Gold Moss' - Mat-forming perennial with golden lime green, succulent, needle-like foliage. Yellow flowers. 3 in.
  S. album 'Red Ice' - Foliage is green in summer and blood red in fall and winter. 3-4 in.
  S. dasyphyllum 'Major' - Mat-forming sedum. Blue foliage in tight clusters. Small white flower clusters May-June. 4 in.
  S. forsterianum 'Silver Stone' - Soft blue green foliage, often tinged pinkish red. Yellow flowers July-Sept. 10 in.
  S. hispanicum 'Blue Carpet' - Mat-forming variety with rich blue gray foliage. Pale pink flowers June. 2 in.
  S. hispanicum 'Purpureum' - Dense, low, spreading plant with small blue gray foliage. Small white flowers July-Sept. 2 in.
  S. makinoi 'Ogon' - Low trailing plant with chartreuse foliage. Small yellow flowers June. 3 in.
  S. makinoi 'Salsa Verde' - Flat, rounded, emerald green leaves. Star-like, yellow flowers July-Sept. 3-6 in.
  S. oreganum - Rosettes of round glossy green leaves on compact low growing plants. Yellow flowers July-Aug. 4 in.
  S. reflexum 'Blue Spruce' - Evergreen, somewhat upright, spreading mat. Vivid blue foliage. Yellow flowers July-Sept. 8 in.
  S. rubens 'Lizard' - Tight, pink white cushion of needles with pink to reddish tips. Pinkish white flowers in July. Tender. Zone 10. 4 in.
  S. spathulifolium 'Cape Blanco' - Low mounding plant with silvery gray foliage. Evergreen. Yellow flowers July-Sept. 4 in.
  S. spathulifolium 'Carnea' - Low mounding plant with silvery green foliage tinged red. Evergreen. Yellow flowers July-Sept. 5 in.
  S. spurium 'Dragon's Blood' - Low mounding plant with attractive dark bronze foliage that turns very dark maroon through winter. Foliage color best in full sun. Brilliant red flowers July-Sept. 6 in.
  S. spurium 'Tri-Color' - Low mounding plant with attractive green foliage that is edged with cream and pink. Foliage color best in full sun. Pink flowers July-Sept. 6 in.
  S. teractinum 'Coral Reef' - Low growing plant with round flat deep green leaves that turn bronze in fall and winter. Bright yellow flowers July-Sept. 3 in.
Tall Varieties S. 'Autumn Fire' - Blue green foliage. Rose pink flower clusters age to salmon bronze to coppery red in fall. 2 ft.
  S. 'Autumn Joy' - Hardy upright plant forms a dense mound of blue green foliage. Showy late summer flower display Aug-Sept. Broad rich pink flower clusters. 18 in.
  S. 'Vera Jameson' - Attractive purple foliage has best color in full sun. Light pink flower clusters Aug-Sept. 1 ft.
Hens and Chicks
Drought tolerant, succulent rosettes form a dense mat. Needs well drained soil. Great rock garden plants. 2-6 in. Sun.
  S. 'Black' - Green rosettes with blackish purple tips.
  S. 'Carmen' - Green rosettes with red tips turn purple in winter. Stalks of pastel flowers in summer.
  S. 'Commander Hay' - Deep red rosettes are accented by green tips. Stalks of pink flowers in summer.
S. 'Ebro' - Small succulent of tight rosettes. Forms a dense mount to 1-3 inches tall and spreading.
  S. 'Desert Bloom' - Bronze green resettes that are flushed with pink.
  S. 'Emerald Empress' - Emerald green rosettes are flushed with bronze during the winter months.
  S. 'Hopewell' - Pointy leaves of bright jade green.
  S. 'Jade Rose' - Tight green rosettes flushed with rose and burgundy. Stalks of pinkish red flowers in summer.
  S. 'Kalinda' - Green rosettes have coral pink tips that fade in color. Stalks of pastel flowers in summer.
S. 'Marne' - Tight rosettes with a fuzzy hair appearance . Forms a dense mount to 1-3 inches tall and spreading.
  S. 'Red Beauty' - Gray green rosettes are tipped in red. Stalks of pink flowers in summer.
  S. 'Royal Ruby' - Burgundy rosettes have dark green tips. Stalks of purple flowers in summer.
  S. 'Ruby Heart' - Emerald green rosettes have deep red centers and tips. Stalks of pastel flowers in summer.
  S. 'Silverine' - Silvery green, flat-bladed rosettes with red highlights. Stalks of pink flowers in late summer and fall.
  S. 'Sunset' - Striking green rosettes slowly turn to red and then orange. Stalks of pastel flowers in summer.
  S. arachnoideum 'Cobweb' - Drought tolerant, succulent rosettes connected by wispy webs. Rose flowers. 3 in.
S. uniflora 'Druett's Variegata' - Mat of small light green foliage with white variegation. Pinwheel-shaped, 1" flowers at the end of each stem. White flowers July-Aug. 6-8 in.
  S. x lychnis 'Rolly's Favorite' - Mounding, dark green foliage with rising stems. Soft pink blooms April-June. 15-20 in.
Lamb's Ears
S. monieri 'Hummelo' - 2019 Perennial Plant of the Year
Sturdy spikes of lavender-rose flowers on narrow, textured leaves. June-Sept. 18-24 in.
S. byzantina 'Fuzzy Wuzzy' - Silver gray, fuzzy leaves are kitten soft. Lavender flowers July-Sept. 14-16 in.
Feather Grass
S. tenuissima 'Pony Tails' - Among the finest textured of all the ornamental grasses producing a fountain of hair-like leaves. Attractive through winter. Tan plumes June-July. 2 ft. Sun.

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- T -

Teucrium chamaedrys - Broad mounding plant with small, toothed, glossy evergreen foliage. Shear to keep full. Needs good drainage. Light purple flower spikes June-July. 15 in. Sun to part shade.
Creeping and mounding perennials form a dense mat of tiny aromatic foliage. Great ground cover for rock gardens, herb pots and small borders. Small flowers May-June. All need full sun and good drainage.
  T. 'Elfin' - Elfin Thyme - Low, very dense, spreading mound. Small gray green foliage. Lavender flowers. 1 in.
  T. praecox 'Coccineus' - Red Creeping Thyme - Low, dense plant with small bronzy green foliage. Small crimson flowers. 1 in.
  T. praecox - 'Pink Chinz' - Low, dense ground cover with small, dark green, woolly foliage. Small salmon pink flowers. 2 in.
  T. praecox 'White' - White Creeping Thyme - Low, dense ground cover with small, bright green foliage. Small white flowers. 2 in.
  T. pseudolanuginosus 'Woolly Thyme' - Low creeping plant with small, fuzzy, silver gray foliage. Pale pink flowers. 2-3 in.
  T. vulgaris 'Caborn Wine & Roses' - Compact, spreading, dark green foliage. Small pink crimson flowers. 2 in.

More Thyme in the Herb section.
Foam Flower
Delicate flower spikes rise from a basal rosette of leaves May-June. Shade or part shade.
  T. 'Pink Skyrocket' - Deeply-cut green leaves with attractive red veins. Chubby spikes of delicate pink flowers. 10 in.
  T. 'Sugar and Spice' - Shiny, lacquered, lacy, heavily marked leaves. Frosted pink flower spikes May-June. 8-12 in. Shade.
Clump-forming perennial produces blue-green, arching foliage. Ideal for mixed borders. Herbaceous perennial.
  T. Tradescantia andersoniana 'Concord Grape' - Large clusters of purple flowers during summer. 15-18 in.

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- U - - V -

Valuable border perennial. Species vary from mounding to stiffly upright with showy terminal flower spikes. Sun to part shade.
  V. 'Christy' - True blue blossoms above lacy green foliage. Neat, controlled habit. Great ground cover. 6-14 in.
  V. 'Eveline' - Green foliage reddens in fall. Dense rosy purple flower spikes on sturdy upright plants June-Aug. 12-18 in.
  V. longifolia 'First Glory' - Deep green foliage and uniform, royal blue flower spikes June-Aug. 20-24 in.
  V. 'First Kiss' - Stunning upright wands of fluffy rose-pink flowers. May-Aug. 20-24 in.
  V. longifolia 'First Lady' - Uniform clumps of green foliage with spikes of pure white flowers May-Aug. 20-22 in.
  V. 'First Love' - Dense foliage clumps. Tapered spikes of bright, hot pink flowers May-Aug. 10-12 in.
V. longifolia 'First Match' - Attractive deep lilac flower spikes. Long flowering. May-Aug. 20-24 in.
  V. peduncularis 'Georgia Blue' - Small bronzy foliage on spreading plant. Medium blue flowers June-Nov. 4 in.
  V. spicata 'Purpleicious' - Vibrantly rich purple blooms on long and thick spikes. Dark green foliage. 20 in.
  V. spicata 'Royal Candles' - Erect, bushy plant with dense, deep blue purple flower spikes June-August. 1 ft.
Evergreen ground cover with glossy foliage on long arching trailing branches and 1" flowers March-June. Good for shady locations. 4-8 in. Shade to part shade.
  V. minor 'Alba' - White flowers. Green foliage.
  V. minor 'Bowles' - Blue flowers. Glossy dark green foliage.
  V. minor 'Illumination' - Bright gold leaves are edged in green. True blue flowers.
  V. minor atropurpurea 'Wine' - Wine red flowers. Dark green foliage.

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VIOLA Hybrids
Creeping Violas
Delightful early spring blooming perennial. Similar in character to pansies with smaller flowers and more spreading habit. Flowers have interesting markings and slight sweet fragrance. Plants perform best through cool months and bloom from spring through fall. Easily naturalized in shade and part shade locations. 4-8 in.
  V. 'Blue Moon' - Pale blue flowers have a yellow eye. Semi-trailing.
  V. 'Etain' - Hordes of attractive bi-tone flowers are soft yellow edged with violet.
  V. cornuta 'Northern Lights' - Fragrant burgundy violet petals with golden yellow centers and dark burgundy whiskers.
  V. sororia 'Freckles' - Small compact plants with light green heart-shaped leaves. Good plant in a shaded woodland setting. Dainty flowers are very light blue with small violet spots Feb-April. Self-sowing. 6 in.

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